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In an online business, traffic is everything. No matter where you specialize, no matter whether it's a product or service you intend to promote, traffic is important to having a successful business: it brings a larger amount of customers to your site, which will eventually translate to more sales, and it even raises your affiliate and Google AdSense ratings WP Contentio Review, which translates to even more earnings. To put it as simply as possible, traffic determines whether you are able to maintain an online business or not.

Consequently, it can be said that the biggest obstacle to success in an online business is the lack of traffic to its website. But identifying the problem is only one thing; looking for the most efficient and resourceful solution to it is another one.

Some business owners choose to pour their resources into buying advertisement space from popular search engines, viral marketers, email services, and a slew of methods, too many to mention in the space of a single article. There are those business owners, though, who are wise enough, resourceful enough, or enough of both, use an alternative technique that, in addition to costing almost nothing, may even give better results than the former, more wasteful ones.

This seemingly miraculous technique is called article marketing. Writing articles and submitting them to online directories for publishing is a very effective, not to mention free, way to simultaneously get a lot of traffic and credibility in next to no time.

I myself started during the Internet's "boom" period, a time when the technique was not as popular as it is now. I did not even know it existed until the great crash of online businesses came around. Everybody was back to a blank slate, each business desperately seeking ways to rise above their competition as quickly as possible.

The free nature of article marketing, though, is matched by the amount of human effort required for it to become successful. It is, nevertheless, worth it. Let me give you an example: Back in 2007, I wrote one article to market a website belonging to my client, and submitted it to a popular online directory.

At that time, my client had no money, so we had agreed that he would pay me after three months. Two weeks after I submitted the article for publishing, I could see the traffic to his site increasing. By the end of the first month, I ran a search with the article's name on Google to find that it had been downloaded 1,570 times and posted 1,520 times on different websites. By the end of the second month, my client's website had enough traffic and enough sales to pay me my due, with an extra 20 percent!

And that was just one article. Think of what ten or even a hundred articles can accomplish. And this is the reason why I am urging you to start writing and submitting today. Consider this for a moment: one article a day makes 7 articles a week, 30 articles a month, and 365 articles a year. Think of what that many articles could do to ensuring your success as an online marketer